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About Invisage Studios

Learn about Invisage Studios - Adelaide Based Camera Hire, Photographer, Videographer and Cinematographer

Invisage Studios is a media group in Adelaide, South Australia which offers media services in both still photography and motion picture for a range of of clientele. Ranging from wedding videography through to various corporate needs such as promotional videos or still images for advertising.

Invisage Studios utilise a range of professional imaging and audio equipment as well as state of the art image stabilisation rigs for a professional look and feel.

Invisage Studios strive to be the most competitive digital studio group in SA, our business structure differs from the norm - our initial consultations are always free, initial planning and group 'think-tanking' with the client are also free of charge for corporate visual productions.
We liaise closely with our corporate customers during every step of production to ensure the finished product is exactly what was envisioned.

At Invisage Studios we love wedding cinematography. We strive to separate ourselves from the others in the way we charge our clients. For a start - we don't charge for additional hours of coverage, if you book us for your wedding - you have us for the day. We don't want to miss a single moment or a single memory, so we stick around as long as you like. We also understand that weddings are expensive and you can't always have the day exactly as you wanted due to financial constraints. We've taken extra steps to ease this burden by offering upgrades well after your wedding date. You can simply invest in the initial filming and delivery of your highlight film prior to your wedding day. You can then decide on an extended feature or full feature film later on as finances allow. 
Get in touch with us today to discuss your wedding day - you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Adam Griffith Owner | Director

Adam Griffith
Owner | Director

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