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Adelaide corporate photography & video production

Invisage Studios can help you strategize and create a multimedia plan for your company or event, we then capture and produce a finished product with you along side the entire way. Past clients appreciate the transparency and opportunity to have hands on involvement in their video or photos through each stage of production. If you prefer a more hands off approach - we can certainly accommodate that too, many of our clients give us a short brief and then hand over total creative control to us and absolutely love the end result.

Why Invisage Studios

Over the years we have obtained a very unique skillset which in turn enables us to assist you in achieving your objectives with multimedia.
We have a broad knowledge of sales and marketing as well as firm understanding of the human psyche which enables us to ensure our media has a solid connection with the end viewer. We have created numerous sales videos as well as corporate training videos particularly in the field of occupational health and safety. We create films that are emotive and drive home the message you wish to deliver through clever use of imagery, copy or voiceover and the careful selection of background music to ensure maximum engagement from your audience. 
From creative an emotive love story on a couple's wedding day to capturing extreme motorsport racing and everything in between - there isn't much we can't do.

The Process

To explore the possibilities - simply contact us via the form on this page and someone will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your project. We like to meet our clients one on one and build a strategy and put together a plan which best conveys your message. We then proceed with the production of your project with you along side as all the way, if you'd rather we take care of everything for you - we can certainly do that for you, many of our past clients have given us a short brief and then handed over full creative control to us and they have been delighted with the end result.

The Investment

We build customised media packages for each of our clients as we don't see the sense in paying for things you simply don't need. We can supply a quote to suit your needs and we assure you that we are extremely competitive on price. 

We look forward to discussing your next project soon, Simply reach out to us now and let us show you what is possible.

Contact Us

Please complete the form below and someone will be in touch within 24 hours. Alternatily you can call us directly on 0404 287 447

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Some Of Our Past Projects

Explore Singapore - Singapore Tourism Board

The brief for this video was to emerse the viewer in all that Singapore has to offer in the first person view. The film tells a story of leaving the hotel and visiting some of Singapores most popular tourist attractions

Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens - South Australian Tourism Commission

A short film showcasing the best of the Botanic Gardens in Mount Lofty, South Australia. The film was simply to showcase the gardens and wildlife who call it home. Captured in 6K HDR (High Dynamic Range) this film captures nature at it's finest.

Australian Superbikes - SA Motorcycles

Superbikes have always been fast and furious - but with this film we put a bit of a creative and dramatic spin on things. Filming entirely in slow motion (150-300 frames per second for any camera people reading this) gave us another angle at the beauty and skill of the extreme motorsport. Captured for SA Motorcycles.

Chicken Grill & Carvery Business for Sale - Adelaide Property Network

Captured & Edited for Adelaide Property Network in a very short time frame, this film was created to educate potential buyers on the potential this business has to create significant revenue. Basic motion graphics were used with some key points. This project was completed and delivered online within 48 hours of the record button being pressed, we understand that realestate is time critical and the longer your listing isn't online - the more money it's costing you.

Investment Property for Sale - Adelaide Property Network

This home was struggling to get any type of traction online, it was run down and in a more affordable suburb. The target buyer was clearly an investor and we had to make the home look ready to go, simply plug in a tenant. This project had some issues as the home had been vacant for some time so there was no electricity connected and the agent specifically wanted to be able to see inside the home as well as the view out the windows. This is just not possible without artificial lighting within the home to match the level of light to that outside. The solution was to capture this film in HDR which means we capture 1 frame for inside the home and another identical frame at the exact same time for outside the window - we then combine these two frames in post production and the result is similar to that of a still photograph in quality. This HDR process was only possible by utilising a $50,000 cinema camera (RED EPIC DRAGON) and some serious computer power afterwards.

We also delivered Still images from this video for the agent to display online - How often do you see real estate photos match the video? Not often!

At Invisage Studios - we're ok with pushing the boundaries of what's possible and bringing in the big guns to make sure we get the job done.

Internet Marketing Video - Team Fusion Australia & New Zealand

A two camera interview video which also utilized automated motion control for a slight hint of movement which is a critical psychological trigger for engagement. This video was captured with a motion control unit on camera-A and camera-B was simply fixed as a cut away.
This video was destined for online marketing funnels which have a high conversion rate.
Invisage Studios has a strong online marketing skillset, we can design, film and create highly converting sales or lead generating funnels for your business.