Torrens University Breakfast Event

We filmed and edited this short 55 second clip to help Torrens University promote change and inclusion in their classes. The brief was to deliver an evergreen piece of content that showed the serious but also fun side of the industry.
We turned around the first draft edit for this film inside of 24 hours. We were only contacted for the 7am event at 5:30pm the evening before.

Client: Torrens University Australia
Producer: 90 Seconds
Camera Operator: Adam Griffith
Edit: Adam Griffith
Motion Graphics : Adam Griffith


Stretton Connect Business Program

We were asked to interview a business coach and provide the client with 10-15 social media ‘bites’ for both Facebook and Instagram as remarketing videos which would be displayed to potential customers via social media targeted remarketing. We captured the interview in 4K and then cropped out the speaking in both 16:9 aspect ratio for Facebook and 4:5 ratio for instagram. Music and outtro graphics were added to each clip as were subtitles added directly into the social platforms which appeared when customers watched the videos with sound disabled.

Client: Playford Council, Stretton Centre
Camera Operator: Adam Griffith
Edits: Adam Griffith
Digital Marketing: Invisage Studios


Story Driven Wedding Films

We have also captured a number of wedding films, we feel that capturing a live and unrehearsed event using multiple camera and audio sources is a challenge that only makes us better filmmakers. Then creating a beautiful and engaging highlight film keeps our story telling juices flowing.

Camera Operator: Adam Griffith
Edits: Invisage Studios