Caitlin & Alistair

Caitlin & Alistair are the perfect amazing example of completely authentic love, I could literally feel the love and affection these two had for each other within minutes of being around them. The day started at Aldinga Seaside for bride prep with Caitlin and her amazing bridesmaids. Caitlin is an amazing young woman, so friendly and welcoming - she didn't look nervous in the slightest and I knew that the day was going to be a magical one. After hanging with the girls for a couple of hours I headed over to the grooms prep at The Grape and Olive in Willunga. 

I could tell that Alistair was fairly nervous about the day ahead, the longer I was there and the more preparations that took place - the quieter he became. The way he spoke of Caitlin and their journey so far had me betting on an emotional day ahead, this couple were perfect for one another and had an unreal connection that had been built over the years.

I ventured to Coriole Vineyards (Bonus Points if you can pronounce it right!)...Ceremony time was here...Alistair was virtually silent, he was using all that he had to not become overwhelmed with emotion as the flower girls and bridesmaids appeared at the start of the aisle...and then Caitlin appeared - accompanied by both her parents, walking towards Alistair to the beautiful tunes of Ash Gale - Alistair's face said it all. I may have had to wipe the viewfinder of my camera at his point. Dorinda Hafner started what I might go as far as saying - the most beautiful, humorous and intimate ceremonies I've seen in a long time! 

Check out their story, be sure to have the tissues handy.

Ceremony / Reception Location: Coriole Vineyards, McLaren Vale

I Get to Love You - Ruelle
Unbroken - Roary