Tegan & Luke

This amazing couple have a hilarious and beautiful love story of how they first met and came to be husband and wife but their story also has a sad element to it as Tegan's father could not be with us on this special day. Their beautiful love story is another of my favorites and it was most certainly the most lively and entertaining wedding once the formalities had been taken care of.
Tegan & Luke's wedding was actually located about 5 hours away from Adelaide on the Eyre Peninsula, we had a very significant obstacle in our way - severe flood waters had taken out the freeway at Port Wakefield, the 5 hour journey quickly became 7 and a half hours as we found our way around the floods with the help of police and emergency workers. We do whatever it takes to make it happen here at Invisage Studios

Ceremony Location: Carrappee Hill, Darke Peak, South Australia
Reception Location: Yadnarie Church, Darke Peak, South Australia

Seaside - Haux (www.musicbed.com)
Forever Starts Today - Tim Halperin (www.musicbed.com)